Reality Module

Reality Module

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The Zodiac Reality Module allows on-chain execution based on the outcome of events reported by the Reality.eth oracle. While built initially to execute Gnosis Safe transactions according to Snapshot proposals, this module is framework agnostic. It can enable proposal execution from just about anywhere.

Core Benefits

  • Brings the outcome of off-chain proposals on-chain
  • Transforms a multisig account into decentralized community treasury
  • Empowers community members who aren’t signers on a multisig to execute transactions

Example Use Case

A DAO uses an off-chain voting mechanism, such as Snapshot, for community proposals in combination with a Gnosis Safe treasury. As time goes on, their community grows rapidly, developing many centers of activity, and one central team managing their Gnosis Safe becomes less than ideal. They decide to use Reality, allowing both off-chain Snapshot proposals and Discord polls to trigger on-chain Gnosis Safe transactions that anyone in the community can execute without having to rely on the treasury’s signers.



Reality Module Interface 1

Reality Module Interface 2

Reality Module Interface 3