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Exit Pattern

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The Zodiac Exit pattern allows members to redeem a designated token for a proportion of an avatar's (a Safe or other web3 account's) digital assets. To incorporate this pattern, a DAO can equip the Exit Module to its Safe and members can visit the Exit App (opens in a new tab) when they choose to exit. Read more about the Exit App (opens in a new tab).

Core Benefits

  • Enables members to redeem tokens (ERC-20 and ERC-721) for a proportion of the DAO's digital assets
  • Allows for redemptions that are trustless and permissionless
  • Empowers DAO members to easily exit organizations for any reason

Example Use Case

A speedrun DAO formed to crowdfund for an auction, but the bid was unsuccessful. Because the DAO equipped its Gnosis Safe with the Exit Module, members can use the standalone App (opens in a new tab) to instantly and permissionlessly redeem the DAO's governance token for a proportion of its designated treasury asset, such as ETH or DAI.



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