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Bridge Module

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The Zodiac Bridge Module allows an address on one chain to control an avatar (a Gnosis Safe or other web3 account) on another chain using an Arbitrary Message Bridge (AMB). This enables a DAO on one chain to control assets and interact with systems like a Gnosis Safe on a different chain.

Core Benefits

  • Enables a DAO to control assets on multiple EVM chains (currently: Gnosis Chain or Polygon to/from mainnet)
  • Extends a DAO's reach beyond the network to which their decision-making mechanisms are deployed
  • Allows a DAO to find consensus on a chain with lower transaction fees while managing funds on a chain with the greater network effects

Example Use Case

A DAO decides to explore governance beyond token voting after learning about potential inequalities and vote buying. It tries a conviction voting app on Gnosis Chain to save on gas fees. By enabling the Bridge Module, the DAO is able to connect its Gnosis Safe treasury on Mainnet to the conviction app on Gnosis Chain. The DAO now has composable, multichain control.



Bridge Module Interface 1

Bridge Module Interface 2

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