Pilot Extension

Pilot Extension

Pilot Extension


Zodiac Pilot is a Chrome extension (opens in a new tab) that enables users to simulate, record, and batch dapp transactions on behalf of a DAO. By using the Pilot extension, owners of a Safe (avatar) or any address designated in a mod like the Roles Modifier can verify dapp interactions before submitting them as a multi-send batch transaction for gas savings and easy signing.

Core Benefits

  • Batch multiple transactions together to save on gas
  • Simulate every transaction with Tenderly (opens in a new tab) to ensure accuracy
  • Submit transactions directly to the Safe for easy signing

Example Use Case

A DAO wants to implement a DeFi strategy to generate yield, but the Safe owners are not experts in treasury management. By specifying role-based permissions for a specific address using the Roles Modifier, the DAO can hire a third-party treasury manager to use Zodiac Pilot to simulate and batch DeFi transactions on its behalf, all in a non-custodial, transparent, and trust-minimized way. (For a detailed breakdown of this example, visit this tweet thread (opens in a new tab).)



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